Africa Got Soul ft. Abavuki “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” (002)





Deep London Traxsource


Classic soul with an african beat
From the soul of DJ Stan-ley, the co-founder of Deep London, comes a deep funky house rendition by of the temptations classic, ‘Papa Was a Rolling Stone’. This sun-ripened remix takes a slice of classic soul from South Africa, originally featured on the album ‘Africa Got Soul’ by Abavuki, and adds a touch of sub-tropical bass, making an audio cocktail perfect for this summer’s massive club sound systems.

Papa Was Rolling Stone (DJ Stan-ley Ingroove Vocal Mix) first appeared as a promo on Deep London 2009 Miami WMC sampler, which reached number 10 on Traxsource’s chart.



Dimitri from Paris
“Love the prod on papa”

Phil Asher

Deep Y’All aka DJ Rico
“Afrodeepness all the way”

Melchyor A
“Supaaaa Dope”

Quentin Harris

“The afro vibe on the former is just right to bubble up the dancers, and the depth and groove on the drums and bass on the latter is perfect for the late night heads bounce!”

King Britt

DJ Garphie
“BAD ! I recommend this record for anybody collection !”


Claudia Matola (Enlefko 87.7FM Athens)
“A must have! Supporting all the way!”

Shannon Harris
“papa was a rolling stone (dj stan-ley township ingroove vocal mix) – the beat, horns and groove are really catchy!! this is an interesting spin on the original song. it’s definitely a afrobeat twist with soul.”

Tony Touch

William Geslin
“Very well done, nice cover you got there…Will support!”

Marky (Soul Heaven)

Suge (Transitions – S.A)
“Stan-ley’s sound is so live..The percussion, guitar, trumpets…Wow, will support!”

Soy Mustafa
“Papa was a rolling stone is a nice little warmer has a rawness to it…nice..”

Mike Stukes (Mystics Vibes WHCR 90.3 fm NC)
“Foot stompin deepness for the masses!”

Velanche (Urban Landscapes Radio Show USA)
“Not just the usual plain house beats. Will play on the shows and chart it…yep!”

“We will def play it!”

Miles Numan (Map Dance – We Love House –
“I really do like it ! Especially the beats on it ! I will paly this a lot !”

Stone Bridge
“Very Good”

All tracks remixed by DJ Stan-ley at 5th Floor Recording Studios London , engineered by Ceramic .
From the cd album Africa Got Soul ft Abavuki ( Prestige Elite / New World Africa Records)

Deep Y’All aka DJ Rico “Building Of Deep” (001)





Deep London Traxsource


Deepness from the groove master DJ Rico
Born in Bangui Central African Republic, now based in France, Deep Y’All aka DJ Rico has been djing on the international circuit for over 20 years. It was not until 1999, that Rico started producing

with Frederic Faupin aka Mr Fuzz, under the name “Grantorino”, with which they had great success with tracks such as “Shake The Black Star”, with remixes by Alix Alvarez.

Since then, he has also collaborated on the documentary “Hang The DJ”, and compiled and mixed tracks for Slip’n’Slide’s compilation series “Soul In The House” and “Jazz in the House”.

In 2008 , DJ Rico set up his own label, Nu DEEP MUSIC and with releases from the likes of Poji, Soundmen On Wax, Unified, Razanaprod, Gotta Keep Faith, Cabana Records to name a few.

‘Building Of Deep’ featuring the soul jazz singer Kathrin is DJ Rico’s debut release on Deep London Records. It first appeared as a promo on their 2009 Miami WMC Sampler, which reached number 10 on Traxsource’s chart.

‘Building Of Deep’ was one of the tunes of WMC 2009 and has been supported by the likes of JoJo Flores, Andy Ward, Phil Asher, King Britt to name a few. Expect alot more from the groovemaster DJ Rico on Deep London Records…


Reviews :

King Britt


Marky (Soul Heaven)


Andy Ward

“All over the deep y’all like a rash, was on last weeks podcast and will be on the show again this week and next..”

Quentin Harris


DJ Garphie

“BAD! Infectious groove with a sweet little vocal to balance the track out.”


” I’m in rio de janeiro at rmc and carnival.

I brought this ep with me and dj rico track’s rocked the party that i played. for sure I will play in my radio show as rmc news”

Melchyor A

“”Supaaaaaa Dooope, my favourite track, deepest & sexiest” !!!!

The Jinks

“Building of deep is the one – real nice deep vibes and the vocal sounds top drawer too”

Sosue (soulkomplex radio show Germany)


Shannon Harris

“Building of deep (afrodeep mix) – i really see this choon making a big impact in miami. it has the formula for a dance floor banger. The beat is straight to the point with the over laying of the neo soulish vocals compliment one another well. I can’t wait to rock this one on a system!!


” I cant get enough of deep y’all aka dj rico – building of deep (afrodeep mix) ive been playing it twice in my sets “

Suge (Transitions – S.A)

“wicked track this is…..The beat .. deep with lots kind

of sound..when going mellow…and as for kathrin’s vocals…them’ so good!!!”

Fabio Genito

“Wow ! This is seriously dope !”

Tony Touch

“Banging !”

Hippie Torrales

“Wow really feeling that building of deep”.

John Cutler

“Building Of Deep…Afrodopness!!!”

Mark Mendoza (280 West)

“Very nice will support at gigs and on my radio shows”

Soy Mustafa

“Liking the DJ Rico thing…nice vibe to it!”

Alan O’ Malley (Ireland)

“Heavy !”

Ben Jam (Brain Kat Recs – Oz)

“Wow , this is luscious”

Miles Numan (Map Dance – We Love House –

“I really like it”

All tracks produced by Deep Y’All aka DJ Rico , vocal by Kathrin

Mastered by David Crops @ Shock Studio (France) and Matt Colton @ Airstudios (London)

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