Stan-ley “Love Me Or Leave Me” (005)




PROMO: August/08/2011
via Deep London Traxsource


Deep London Records strikes again with a very deep groovy release featuring Stan-ley’s original, Suge Transitions from South Africa and DJ Garphie (Soul Heaven).


Support by:

Lovely release!!!! Really feeling it!!!!

I really like the flavor of this tune with my favorite Love Me Or Leave
(Suge Transition’s Eclectic Conga Mix), full support!

Love Me Or Leave Me original mix is the one of this package for me, deep
and eery house music with a raw edge!

Loving the vibes on the pack, can’t get enough of the original, very
groovy the flow is sick and DJ Garphie Raw Mix is ill. Thank you will be
rocking Love Me Or Leave Me on my dance floor!!

“Love Me Or Leave Me” (DJ Garphie Full Mix) is my ultimate favorite on
this release, its so fresh and contains melodies thats sticks to the mind 😉

Dope stuff, I love it!

Deep and groovy, I go for the original mix and Garphie’s Full mix.

I will rock this in S.A. Bang Bang!

Original ingroove mix; Something really infectious about the track…
really like the pad chords and the combination of textures in the tune.
This one can work equally well as a peak time banger or something to chill
out to on the beach terrace. The groove is solid, just the right amount of
syncopation to keep it bouncing whilst still having a nice dependable bass
throb… The percussion being mixed upfront and snappy gives it a kind of
understated agression which is balanced well by the softer/trippier

Suge Transition’s eclectic conga mix; Lush production, the synths are
expansive and warm, and the chord sequences chosen are sophisticated… a
very soulful interpretation of the tune. For me this is more of a tune to
listen to after the club rather than to go mental on the dancefloor to. (I
like a little more bass bin action for those moments!) It has been
cleverly and subtly mixed, whilst still having a load of mid-frequency
activity it is always well balanced and thoughtful.

DJ Garphie full mix; Loving the high ‘retro’ synth… this sounds like
house music if it was made in the 70’s 🙂 So almost disco I guess! Nice
rolling groove to this one….

DJ Garphie Raw mix; My favourite of the two Garphie mixes… this, along
with the ingroove original, is probably what I’d choose to put in a set…
deep, dark, subtle and spacious, with a nice bit of filthy distortion
thrown in. The textures all stand out in a way that makes them jump out of
the speakers… I like minimalism and letting good sounds work for
themselves without being crowded too much. This is a lovely track. Saw
Magda play on saturday night (AMAZING!) and can imagine this tune finding
its way into one of her sets.

This is a great release, all the interpretations stand out really well in
their own right and it’s got a nice complete feel to it. And it’ll appeal
to a really wide range of DJs stylewise!

Loving this Deep London Records release, Im playing it every week @
Supperclub London!

Im really loving the original track, great work!

DJ Garphie Full Mix is the best out of the package.

Nice deep affair!! Really nice vibes, Garphie mixes sounds cool!!
Full support!!!

Its all about Stan-ley’s original Ingroove mix!!!!

Love Me Or Leave Me (Suge Transition’s Eclectic Conga Mix)” & “Love Me Or
Leave Me (DJ Garphie Raw Mix)” sont mes préférés et ceux que je jouerai!!!
Biz. Full support pour cet EP

Original Minimal deep vibes is cool for deep chilled time….
Suge Transition is niceeee…Soulful
Dj Garphie mix is cool but too Musical for me……
Dj Garphie Raw mix is the one ….just the right balance of music and
Beats…..heavyyyy …..

I really love the original and the  Dj Garphie Full Mix too!


Love Me Or Leave Me:
Written by Stanley Bregeot
Produced by Stan-ley
Voiced by Stan-ley

Track 2 remixed by Suge Transitions
Track 3 and 4 remixed by DJ Garphie

Mastering by Matt Colton at Airstudios London
Artwork fused by Darkwah,, Philip G and Stan-ley
Powered by
All rights reserved. Deep London Records 2011

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