Layedsoul “Lick the Riddim” EP




– A Deep Dub Reggae House Release To Rock Our World –
Cat: Deeplondonrecords012

1- Lick The Riddim (Original Mix)
2- Lick The Riddim (Deep Dub Mix)
3- Some Say Its Easy
4- Spiritual Journey

Early support by:

“Hard to pick 1 mix..great package though. Will def play the tracks”

“I really like this release! Super cool vibes! Spritual Journey would be a great set starter for me especially!”

“Impressive! Like the dub of Lick The Riddim and love Some Say Its Easy”

“Sounds excellent”

“Loving Spiritual Journey”


SK 95
“I am impressed by Lick The Riddim (Original Mix) and the Dub mix the most. The other two tracks have power too and can compete out there.”


“This is an awesome EP. The percolating rhythms kept me moving. Definitely embracing this release”

“Orininal mix, sick tune!!! Rasta man steps!!!”

“I prefer the 2 Dub tracks, very cool afro deep”

Written by Relebohile Augustus Tlatsa
Produced LayedSoul

Artwork by Aluku Rebels

A&R / Project Coordination: Stan-ley

All rights reserved. Deep London Records 2014

Afrikan Roots ft Luciano “Bayete” (011)




Deep London Records 011 Promo Out Now !!

South African deepness Afrikan Roots on Deep London Records featuring their classic “Bayete” (praising kings) with the magnificent vocal from Luciano remixed by DJ Garphie, StuRamsay, Soldaat Ived including DJ Twice.

Early support by Moodymanc, Jose Marquez, Aluku Rebels, Mthulisi Patrick, Kevin Master Kev.
Written and produced by Afrikan Roots and Luciano

Track 1 by DJ Garphie
Track 2 by StuRamsay
Track 3 by DJ Twice
Track 4 by Soldaat Ived
A&R by Stan-ley
Artwork by St. Denis aka Aluku Rebels
Licensed to Afrikan Roots.
All rights reserved. Deep London 2013

Dilouya, Sly Johnson “Runnin’ Away” (010)




From the acclaimed soul album 2012 Faithful Circus on
Magnificent by French multi-instrumental producer Dilouya featuring the
like of Dea Davenport, Omar, Sly Johnson, Hugh Coltman, John
Turrel to name a few, Deep London is very proud to present the remixes of
“Runnin’ Away†featuring the magnificent
voice of Sly Johnson aka Sly The Mic Buddha former singer from cult
Hip-Hop act Saian Supa Crew, since signed on Universal Jazz. Remixes
includes beautiful work from UK producers DJ Garphie, StuRamsay, Beyond
Tone, Soul 1 LDN and South-African producer Soldaat Ived with early
support by Osunlade, Mr.V, Hector Romero, Jose Marquez, Tony Touch,
Shannon Harris, Luca Tevisi, Kevin MasterKev, Mthulisi Patrick, Aluku
Rebels, Trinidadian Deep, Luke Skywalker, DJ Russel Jay, Mushroom Boyz


Hot release! My favorite mixes: StuRamsay and Beyond

Garphie remix: This is Good!

Garphie remix: Really feeling this !! Great job !!

Dope sound! Great release, all remixes are dope! My favorite
is StuRamsay

“DJ Garphie remix: Dopeness ”

“My favorite mixes are the following:
Runnin’ Away (Dj Garphie Remix Main instrumental) – Very deep late night
groove with soul. I would drop this one definitely!!!
Runnin’ Away (StuRamsay remix) – Big room tune to get the crowd jumping.
Expect some spins, screams and clapping to this one 🙂 ”

“Beyond Tone Essence Vocal Mix: Very nice and deep! Lovin’ this !!”

“Dope! Support!”

MASTER KEV: “Slammin’ remix from DJ Garphie!”

“Beyond Tone Essence Vocal Mix: Support!”

“Full Support!!!”

“Favorite mix: Soul 1 LDN Deeper Level Mix”

“Beyond Tone gets deep nasty and moody on this !!â€

“Beyond Tone mix: This is Dope! definitely in my essential play list”

Written and produced by: Dilouya and Sly Johnson


Track 1 by StuRamsay

Track 2 by Soldaat Ived

Track 3 & 6 by DJ Garphie

Track 4 by Beyond Tone

Track 4 by Soul 1 LDN

A&R by Stan-ley

Artwork by

Special thanks to Yannick Requis at Live Nation, Dilouya, Sly Johnson,
Kaat at Magnificent, StuRamsay, DJ Garphie, Soldaat Ived, Soul 1 LDN,
Beyond Tone, Franck Toto and Philip Mandelbaum.

All rights reserved. Deep London Records 2013

LayedSoul “Children rule the world” (009)




Deep London Records is proud to presents CHILDREN RULE THE WORLD by

After his successful Stories of Africa EP, LayedSoul is back with a deep
club banger with great early support by Mr.V, Jose Marquez, Culoe De
Song, Trinidadian Deep, Moodymanc, Severino, DJ Garphie, Justin Imperiale,
Aluku Rebels, Tony Touch, Luke Skywalker, Beyond Tone, Melchyor A,

Mr.V: “Hot!”

Moodymanc: “Yeah great groove this one!!!! Suuuuuuuperdeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!”

Jose Marquez: “Dope release!”

Severino: “Capolavoro!!!!”

Trinidadian Deep: “Dude this is SICK!”

Aluku Rebels: “Full support!!!”

DJ Garphie: “Heavy!”

Luke Skywalker: “Stratospherique!!!!!”

Beyond Tone: “Loving the tribal tech feel! Support!”

Tony Touch: “Sounds good! Support!”

Mushroomboyz: “Full support!!”

Written by Relebohile Augustus Tlatsa
Produced by LayedSoul
Artwork by Aluku Rebels
A&R by Stan-ley
All rights reserved. Deep London Records 2013

Beatz To Play “Room 64 EP”




Beatz To Play “Room 64 EP”

1- Room 64 (6:11)

2- Take This (5:53)

Deep London Records presents ROOM 64 EP by Italian duo Beatz To Play.

ROOM 64 and TAKE THIS, real House music like it use to be!


Mr V:
“Beatz To Play is dope!!! Def Support”

Kevin MasterKev:
“Take This work guys! Room 64 is my favorite of the 2 tracks but this one
works as well”

Kenny Carpenter:
“I have to agree with Kenny! Takes me back to the 1990 era of Red Zone,
Palladium…etc…Great tracks guys!!!

Todd Terry:
“Take This: Cool”

David Ospina:
“Old school Vibe indeed!! Redzone NYC days for me”

“Room 64 is dope”

Dj Deep:
“Nice jam”

Dj Yass:
“ROOM 64:Ouch!!! Hot One. TAKE THIS: Nice old School Jam, well Done..”

Tony Loreto:
“ROOM 64: Bassline is dope. TAKE THIS: Great”

Aluku Rebels:
“Full support!!!”

“Old school-underground vibes! Thank you! Full support!”

Spiritual Blessing:
“Thanks for sending this new proj.
Two deep stunning track, ROOM 64 has an old skool mixture of sounds and
main-bass-line. 7/10
TAKE THIS is right and quietly dark. Will play it. 7/10 Have a good luck
with this. Support.”

Nicholas Vautier:
“Take This: groovy!”

“Room 64 is pretty dope …sonically its very good as well”

Produced by Beatz To Play at Room 64 Studio, Italy
Written by Nico Nisi and Pasquale Buscicchio
Mastered by StuRamsay @ StuRamsay Studio
Artwork by
A&R by Stan-ley

All rights reserved. Deep London Records 2012

DJ Abza feat. Taminology “Menateng” (DJ Garphie Remixes) (007)




via Deep London Traxsource


Deep London Records presents MENATENG by DJ Abza ft Taminology with a magnificent remix by DJ Garphie (Soul Heaven, Seasons Ltd, Omni, Home, Peng to name a few and also producing for Deep London since 2009)

Great early support by Josh Milan, Aluku Rebels, Phil Asher, Alex Dimitri, Menzi Mushroomboyz, IronMan Edits (Abicah Soul), Hippie Torrales, Dee Malice, Dan Formless, Normski, Femi Fem.

Menateng remixes part 2, will be out this summer featuring mixes by StuRamsay, Stan-ley and DJ Abza.
Licensed from Potoko Entertainment Records in South Africa.
Written by Abram Malebane and Thato Maloka
Produced by DJ Abza and Taminology
Remix produced and arranged by DJ Garphie
Mastered at Think! House Music studios by DJ Garphie
Artwork by
A&R by Stan-ley
All rights reserved. Deep London Records 2012

LayedSoul “Stories of Africa” (006)




PROMO: February/27/2012
via Deep London Traxsource
Deep London Records presents LayedSoul, a very talented young producer from South Africa with his first official release:


An EP full of deepness, rhythm, soul and love with great early support by Ashley Beedle, Moodymanc, Menzi Mushroomboyz, Shannon Harris, DJ Garphie, Tony Touch, The Rurals, Deep Y’All, EnaWadan, Dilouya, Normski, Femi Fem, Andy Compton, Aluku Rebels, bloodsweatandtees, Qhradio, Hoxton Fm to name a few.


Stories of Africa:
Written by Relebohile Augustus Tlatsa
Produced by LayedSoul

Mastering by Garphie at Think House Studios
Artwork by Philip G
Powered by and
A&R by Stan-ley
All rights reserved. Deep London Records 2012

Stan-ley “Love Me Or Leave Me” (005)




PROMO: August/08/2011
via Deep London Traxsource


Deep London Records strikes again with a very deep groovy release featuring Stan-ley’s original, Suge Transitions from South Africa and DJ Garphie (Soul Heaven).


Support by:

Lovely release!!!! Really feeling it!!!!

I really like the flavor of this tune with my favorite Love Me Or Leave
(Suge Transition’s Eclectic Conga Mix), full support!

Love Me Or Leave Me original mix is the one of this package for me, deep
and eery house music with a raw edge!

Loving the vibes on the pack, can’t get enough of the original, very
groovy the flow is sick and DJ Garphie Raw Mix is ill. Thank you will be
rocking Love Me Or Leave Me on my dance floor!!

“Love Me Or Leave Me” (DJ Garphie Full Mix) is my ultimate favorite on
this release, its so fresh and contains melodies thats sticks to the mind 😉

Dope stuff, I love it!

Deep and groovy, I go for the original mix and Garphie’s Full mix.

I will rock this in S.A. Bang Bang!

Original ingroove mix; Something really infectious about the track…
really like the pad chords and the combination of textures in the tune.
This one can work equally well as a peak time banger or something to chill
out to on the beach terrace. The groove is solid, just the right amount of
syncopation to keep it bouncing whilst still having a nice dependable bass
throb… The percussion being mixed upfront and snappy gives it a kind of
understated agression which is balanced well by the softer/trippier

Suge Transition’s eclectic conga mix; Lush production, the synths are
expansive and warm, and the chord sequences chosen are sophisticated… a
very soulful interpretation of the tune. For me this is more of a tune to
listen to after the club rather than to go mental on the dancefloor to. (I
like a little more bass bin action for those moments!) It has been
cleverly and subtly mixed, whilst still having a load of mid-frequency
activity it is always well balanced and thoughtful.

DJ Garphie full mix; Loving the high ‘retro’ synth… this sounds like
house music if it was made in the 70’s 🙂 So almost disco I guess! Nice
rolling groove to this one….

DJ Garphie Raw mix; My favourite of the two Garphie mixes… this, along
with the ingroove original, is probably what I’d choose to put in a set…
deep, dark, subtle and spacious, with a nice bit of filthy distortion
thrown in. The textures all stand out in a way that makes them jump out of
the speakers… I like minimalism and letting good sounds work for
themselves without being crowded too much. This is a lovely track. Saw
Magda play on saturday night (AMAZING!) and can imagine this tune finding
its way into one of her sets.

This is a great release, all the interpretations stand out really well in
their own right and it’s got a nice complete feel to it. And it’ll appeal
to a really wide range of DJs stylewise!

Loving this Deep London Records release, Im playing it every week @
Supperclub London!

Im really loving the original track, great work!

DJ Garphie Full Mix is the best out of the package.

Nice deep affair!! Really nice vibes, Garphie mixes sounds cool!!
Full support!!!

Its all about Stan-ley’s original Ingroove mix!!!!

Love Me Or Leave Me (Suge Transition’s Eclectic Conga Mix)” & “Love Me Or
Leave Me (DJ Garphie Raw Mix)” sont mes préférés et ceux que je jouerai!!!
Biz. Full support pour cet EP

Original Minimal deep vibes is cool for deep chilled time….
Suge Transition is niceeee…Soulful
Dj Garphie mix is cool but too Musical for me……
Dj Garphie Raw mix is the one ….just the right balance of music and
Beats…..heavyyyy …..

I really love the original and the  Dj Garphie Full Mix too!


Love Me Or Leave Me:
Written by Stanley Bregeot
Produced by Stan-ley
Voiced by Stan-ley

Track 2 remixed by Suge Transitions
Track 3 and 4 remixed by DJ Garphie

Mastering by Matt Colton at Airstudios London
Artwork fused by Darkwah,, Philip G and Stan-ley
Powered by
All rights reserved. Deep London Records 2011

Stan-ley and Dele Sosimi “Atide” (004)




PROMO: June/06/2011
via Deep London Traxsource


After the successful remix of Dele Sosimi’s “Turbulent Times” from Deep London Afro Sampler EP 2009, Stan-ley joins Dele Sosimi (Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s Egypt 80 rhythm keyboard player) to produce a very groovy raw Afro House gem! Followed by superb remixes by DJ Garphie (Soul Heaven), Melchyor A (Soulshine), Deep Y’All (Nu Deep Music) and DJ Stan-ley.
Perfect summer package!


Support by:

Great pack…have already been hammering the afrodub since you gave me a
little while ago…the extra mixes are right up my street too….Raw mix
is rough as f..k! Love it!!! Will be playing lots’!!!

Cracking release. All Mixes got it going on but the Original and Magic
Coin versions are doing it the most for me. Will be playing.

Nice package…Thanks

Great pack…have already been hammering the afrodub since you gave me a
little while ago…the extra mixes are right up my street too… Love it!!! Will be playing lots’!!!

Thank you for the package. Really digging your London Raw Original Mix.
Bangin groove. Definitely on target.

Love , really loved the promo you sent me. I will play a lot.
Thank you so much. Ed

SHANNON HARRIS (Urban City Recordings)
All the mixes are solid!! I like them all and the Garphie mixes stand out
the most mixing different elements of acid, afro house and techy dub
rhythms.. Thanks again

Gr8 to get such heartfelt music. In the days of throwaway sounds its
encouraging to receive an E.P. that is reminiscent of the great Afro
performers. This whole ep has the Afro essence with a very modern club
feel. The Fela influence is obvious in all the mixes making it hard to
choose a face track but the infectious repletion of the Thinkhouse remix
seems to be doing it for me. That said I’ll continuously rocking all mixes
for the forseable future at supperclub London & around my gigs in general.

MARKY D (Soul Heaven)
Loved all the mixes, deep house at its best.

Wicked release. . . . Stan-ley mixes are my fav . . . . in my box for

Thanks for the promo I really like it. My favorites are DJ Stan-ley Deep
London Raw Original Mix and DJ Garphie Magic Coin Mix.

Great release, we like “DJ Garphie Magic Coin Mix”…will supported 100%!

Thanks for the new release. SUPERB! Favorite mixes are : Origingal and the
Afrodub mix!

SEVERINO (Horse Meat Disco)
Loving it both mixes of Stan-ley are great and the Afrodub mix rocks!!!!
I will support heavely…Deep tribal…

NICO DECEGLIA (Codex/Radio1)
Deep London all the way. Very nice stuff.

What a cool afro vibes!! 😉 all the mixes are really nice! But we’ve a
little preference for “DJ Garphie Thinkhouse remix”.
Thanks again and best wishes for this project! 😉

Full support!

Full support!

Great ep from Stan-Ley my 2 fav’s has to be (Melchyor A’s hmida
version)very groovy indeed and love the energy from (DJ Garphie Magic Coin
Mix) wooooooo now thats one i will play out alot in clubs 0;)top work
brother and one love from Aluku Rebels

Afrodub mix stands out will def play.

DJ SPICE T (Spice Music)
Great release! All the mixes are brillant and my favorite are Raw Original
and Garphie’s Coin Mix.

SK 95 (4Dimensional Music)
I am loving all the mixes, they have an African vibe and brings out that
feeling of being in a true African ceremony, I am in love with (DJ Garphie
Thinkhouse Remix), the Chords are killer and simple. When playing during
pick hours (DJ Stan-ley Deep London Raw Original Mix) keeps the crowd
clapping their hands along with it.

Stan-ley’s Deep Y’All Dub and Garphie’s Thinkhouse remix lead the way in
this diverse and impressive release on Deep London.


Written by Stanley Bregeot and Dele Sosimi
Produced DJ Stan-ley and Dele Sosimi
Vocals by Dele Sosimi

Engineered by Ceramic at TOV Studio South London
Mastering by Matt Colton at Airstudios London.
Artwork by Philip G
Powered by

Track 2 remixed by Deep Y’All and DJ Stan-ley
Track 3 and 4 remixed by DJ Garphie
Track 5 remixed by Melchyor A
All rights reserved. Deep London Records 2011

Deep London Records “Afro Sampler” (EP1)





Deep London Traxsource


Mother land heat from Deep London
Hot off the heels of their fantastic Miami Sampler debut EP earlier this year, Deep London continue to gather momentum with a scorching ‘Afro Sampler EP’ fresh for the summer dancefloors! Getting the booty shakin’ party started is former Fela Kuti cohort Dele Sosimi with the incredibly catchy ‘Turbulant Times’, ripe with an incessant brass hook and sunkissed beats with an ‘Ingroove Dub Remix’ from Deep London’s Stan-ley. In addition Stan-ley teams up with Dele Sosimi who sings on the hypnotic rhythmic groove ‘Atide’ (meaning ‘Here We Are’), which comes in the shape of a deep flavoured mix from Melchyor A and a twisted dark ‘Deep Tech Remix’ from DJ Garphie. Rounding off the package, Italian drummer and percussion guru, Stefano Cestra collaborates with Stan-ley on the irresistible ‘Amandla Awhetu’ (meaning ‘The Power Is Ours), laced with a beautiful guitar solo, live drums and cheeky brass stabs which ride over a mean bass hook on ‘Stan-ley’s Deep London Dub Remix’.

Deep London club nights were spawned from a meeting of 2 DJ minds across a London dancefloor when Australian expat Johnny Kaz and French/West Indian Stan-ley took it upon themselves to create a party where they could share their love for Deep and Soulful house with the Capital’s masses. Deep London launched in 2007 with great success showcasing the creme de la creme of house jocks including Dennis Ferrer, Franck Roger, Alix Alvarez and The Martinez Brothers (UK Debut) among many others.. March 2009 saw the launch of Deep London Records with their debut ‘Miami EP’ featuring tracks Candy Apple ft Anjou ‘Leaving You’, Deep Y’all Aka DJ Rico ‘Building Of Deep’, Africa Got Soul ft Abavuki ‘Papa Was a Rolling Stone’ and Stan-ley ‘Love Me Or Leave Me’, which gained huge support from the house music fraternity worldwide and reached number 10 on Traxsource’s chart.



Franckie Knuckles

“Another great sampler and though I’m not big on the Afro Choons, I do like this sampler a lot.”

Ashley Beedle

“Thank you so much for the DEEP LONDON AFRO SAMPLER EP. All the mixes are wicked. I shall be giving this big support. Great production!”

DJ Pope

“Atide is straight Mother Land Heat”


“This is lovely! What a dope package…genuine Afrobeat! Musically the Stan-ley mixes are my favs. Melchyor A’s is a good quality mix with a yummy beat as well. Like them all. Full support!”

Jihad Muhammad

“Deep London – Afro Sampler EP – My 2 favs are Atide ( melchyor’s hmida version) and Amandla Awhetu ( dj stan-ley deep london dub ). I’ll rock theses both in my sets for sure. Nothing like that afro beat music”

Shannon Harris (Chicago)

My two favorites from this EP are:


“This one seems to crawl through your skin as soon as you hear the first beat. I think it commands an instant dance floor response.”


I love the percussion and guitar on this too. It has a afro-beat/jazz appeal to it. Definitely something that would fit my AROMA nites in Chicago.”

Martin East (Kapa Music LA)

“Love the DJ Stan-ley London Dub Mix – George Benson guitar very nice touch.

Garphie’s Deep Tech will definitely be getting a spin out at Mundial my club night.

Atide – Melchyor’s mix is my fav’ – This is one for the Mundial Radio Show – Super set of tracks.”


“This mix : Atide (Melchyor A’s Hmida Version) is wicked!!! Really like the fiesta afro vibe!”

Andy Ward

“I’m right behind Atide..was on last weeks shows”

Sy Sez (Soul Heaven – AphroDisiax)

“Wicked little EP from my friend Johnny Kaz at Deep London…Lovin Stan-leys afro-esque sound. This one will be firmly in my wallet, ready for the summer parties….”

Tony Touch

“This sampler is fire!”

Fabio Genito

“Very cool package! Will support for sure!”

Suge Transitions

“Coming from Africa myself, I must say the spirit of my land is captured in this ep… Turbulent Times – Ones of the tracks that capture north/west African style , beauty right here. Atide – Well Im gonna biased regarding Garphie’s mix , cause honestly that is a tunes after my own heart…That’s the sound I ‘d played live to all deep tech lovers.. Melchyor’s mix is wicked too.

Amandla Awhetu : who ever played the guitar is a monster..Stan made a true hit with that… This is an awesome one by Deep London I totally love this EP , a must have.”


“Stan-ley & Dele Sosimi – Atide(Melchyor A’s H) is the track for me, played it last night good sound..”


“Turbulent Times (Stan-ley’s Ingroove Dub Mix) is just awesome !”

Pablo Martinez

“DJ Garphie Deep Tech Remix, will be supporting this heavily.”

Nico De Ceglia

“My favourites are Atide remixed by DJ Garphie and Amandla Awhetu. Well done!!”

Vincent Kwok

“The stan-ley deep dub is the one for me. Nice jazzy guitar solo with a george benson vibe. Great for warmups”

Kiko Navarro

“Here are some nice afrogrooves, favourite mix is Atide (Melchyor A’s Hmida Version)”

Oli Lazarus (Papa Records)

“Very cool ep. Thanks for this.. will support 4 sure!!!”

DJ Chilly (Miami)

– Turbulent Times

“The dirty, raw and primal sounds of this track are immediately captivating.

The track is simple but effective. At times the horns sound a bit too

repetitive but as a whole the track does work. The build is nice, the

chanting is cool and I am liking the evolution of Stan-ley.”

– Atide (Melchyor A¹s Hmida Version)

“I do like this track. It glides along effortlessly while maintaining its

essential groove. The vocal drops and scat gives the track a unique

signature. Though not easy to categorize, it will work in different


– Atide (DJ Garphie Deep Tech Remix)

“We like this mix too; very fun, very bouncey, very funky. Nice breakdown.

This one¹s a keeper too.”

– Amandala Awhetu

“Gimme lots of percussion and I¹m probably half way in. Throw in a bit of

funk and that¹s all she wrote for me. While the intro is very strong, the

remainder of track flattens out rather than deliver on the lovely set up.”

Gavin Mills (Copyright)

“Love the Turbulent Times track, that’s the winner on the package for me ……. Cool osibisa style horns and wicked beats can definitely use this one.”

Christos Kedras (Kapa Music)

“Different in a good way. Turbulent Times has a “new latinaires” flair and Melchyor’s Atide a nice lazy vibe, both are great for my more loungey sets. Also liking Amandla Awhetu. Overall a strong & interesting package. Supporting.”

Ralf Gum

“All 4 are nice groovy tracks. My fav is: 4 Amandla Awhetu (DJ Stan-ley Deep London Dub Mix) . Played it a few times.”


“Okay , proper ! Very good afro-world house paquage , that’s summer-ready!

Full support and will play on my show and play out too!

Deep London is no slouch , looking forward to what to label will go next.

For now , nice taster!”

Tedd Patterson

“Both mixes of “Atide” rock.”

Bear Who?

“Nice ep , very afro…Great vibes…Thats Ibiza all day ! The techy is coll , but my favourite is Turbulent Times !”

Mr Mike (MAP Dance Switzerland)

“Playing the Turbulent Times. Getting really good feedback.”

Dario D’attis (MAP Dance Switzerland)

“I love and play the MELCHYOR A’S HMIDA Version on this one.

Fantastic afro grooves. . . .”

Andy Holder

“All 4 tracks are quite nice , liking the afro & latin mixture, good grooves.”

Dalminjo (Norway)

“Yeah, the last EP had some proper grooves. Like what you guys are doing at Deep London.

Like track 1 & 2 from this new one. Will play :)”

Bogdan Taran (Club/Media: Latvian radio syndication, DFM (Estonia), Radius FM (Belarus),,

“This easlily could be another Africanism EP quality, authentic

and very soulful. In support”

Joe Stanley (Bondi Fm Australia)

“Bloody great this, go on the Stan-ley! Particularly like his 2 rubs and have

played them both ‘pon de radio and out last week and will continue to do so lovely

afro inspired dance floor groovers!”

Demarkus Lewis

“Very nice afro here.. Love the percussion here.. Will support!”

Kid Massive

“Deep London ‘Afro Sampler EP’ – Melchyor A’s Hmida Version is a great

piece of afro house, great rhythms throughout !!”

Footloose (BBC 1Xtra)

“Love Atide , featured on my last show last week!”

Simon Finnegan (Tone Control Music – Push FM)

“Playing Amandla Awhetu on my show”

Mason Rothert (Below zero beats NYC)

“Nice another gem to add to my Afro selection when I decide to go tribal ,

funky, going with Atide ¬ Melchyor A¹s Hmida Version”

Ben Jam (Brain Kat Records – Oz)

“Nice EP, I¹m digging Stan-ley & Stefano Cestra – Amandla Awhetu (DJ

Stan-ley Deep London Dub Mix)”

Charles Spencer (Loveslap)

“Tracks 2 and 4 are very nice.. thanks!!!”

Mike Stukes (Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM)

“You ain’t lying…It sure IS whopping. 9/10 “

Hippie Torrales

“Really diggin the Atide (Melchyor A’s mix) tune alot and Amandla Awhetu is on fire.”

Phil Hooton

“Lovin this EP to def,will be pushing it all the way.Hippe played it to me after my show.”

Greg Cuoco (Aqua-booty! NYC)

“My vote is : -Dele Sosimi – Turbulent Times (Stan-ley’s Ingroove Dub Mix) -Stan-ley & Dele Sosimi – Atide (Melchyor A’s Hmida Version) Both really have that nice vibe that will fit into my sets!!!”

The Jinks

“This is a nice package for the soulful heads.”

Richard Earnshaw (Duffnote)

“Atide (Melchyor A’s Hmida Version) TOP STUFF!!!!”

Mirko Paoloni

“Good!!!! Supporting this EP.”

Mark Mendoza (280 west)

“Rockin’ these tracks :

– Atide (Melchyor A’s hmida version) – Stan-ley & Dele Sosimi

– Turbulent Times (Stan-ley’s Ingroove Dub Mix) – Dele Sosimi

Davidson ospina

“Favorite mix is the STAN-LEY’S INGROOVE DUB MIX ….great vibe!”

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